Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why lesbians must be thin

A study done by American Journal of Public Health stated that lesbians are twice as likely as heterosexual women to be overweight or obese, which puts them at greater risk for obesity-related health problems and death.

1. Men do not care about appearance as much as women.

Most of the time women fuss about their appearance and how they wish they could be thinner, but what do men care ? A men do not want a woman to have a skinny body that resembles Kate Moss, in fact men are alright with those love handles and a little lump of fat in your arm. So what makes women attractive in front of men is actually how attractive you are. So if lesbians say that other lesbians do not care about how I look then it could be wrong. Sometimes ago I even read a survey that stated most women are not satisfied with their current weight or shape, but most of them who take the survey have boyfriends! So if women care about physical appearance so much, then being a lesbian means that you need to worry about your appearance as it is the factor that can appeal your counterpart.

2. Appearance is a reflection of your personalities.

The studies by American Journal of Public Health actually drive people to stereotype the lesbians as the butch type lesbians, with men hair cut and obese body. While there are indeed a butch type of lesbians, but being a butch type does not mean that lesbian can become attractive. Being attractive has very LITTLE to do with being thin. Yes of course you can't expect someone to call you attractive if you are having morbid obesity, unless that someone know and enjoy your personalities really well.

But a lesbian should care and try to do the best with her appearance. If you look terrible on your obese body then by all means struggle to get rid of it. Caring for your appearance, in the very bottom of a nutshell, means that you must know and care about how do you look. Dress, body and your body language determine how do you care for your appearance. If a person looks sluggish and apathist of her appearance then a quick judgment from the crowd will be that this person is also an apathist and dirty person. Your appearance is a window to your personalities. You may see a lot of 60 years old or more woman still look appealing to others, for example Meryl Streep.

3. Your appearance can make other women jealous.

And that's the most important reason why women bother to shape up their appearances. Don't you love the envious look that others give when you walk. And believe me that this type of nature will last for lifetime. A 70 years old woman can still look graceful and tall that she can intimidates younger woman by just looking at her. Appearance play the card to this envious game, and I am not talking about the sexy dress and body, in fact I am talking about the way you laugh, smile, dress and look that can make others envious.

4. Your appearance is a tribute to your beloved ones.

A 60 years old woman spent two hours to select her dress, busily put her best dress, wear proper make up just to go on a date with her husband. And it's so touching when we see that two old couples is still enjoying the laugh and love together regardless how time has passed. Suddenly we can see that both of them are beautiful in a way despite their age.

Why do men like women who strive hard to make her appearance wonderful in front of him? Because men feel respected by the efforts of the women. And so is your lesbian counterpart. You may have a boyish cut but that does not stop you to prepare your best appearance as a tribute for your lesbian counterpart. Appearance is a form of respect and that's why you should strive hard for it.

What is written here can motivates everyone (not just women) to care more for their appearances. Appearances can be the deciding factors between a meeting of two lovers, or it can be a deciding factors for everything. With proper appearances your aura will shine out and that probably will lead you into more success in your career. Or perhaps a strive of effort in maintaining appearance can be the deciding factor that stops your husband or wife from cheating. Work hard and maintain your appearances!


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