Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1000 Condom Tester needed in India


1000 Condom Tester Needed 1000 Condom Tester Needed
A Job You'll Be Glad to Take Home Straight To Bed!

Durex is looking for a few lucky Indians to do, what is quite possibly, the world's best job - testing Durex products.

If you are among the lucky 1000 selected, you'll then have to provide Durex with feedback about product performance. After testing them - of course!

Consistent, relevant and informative feedback could fetch you huge rewards. How much more pleasurable can a job be?

If you believe in working hard for greater job satisfaction, here’s the opportunity for you. In what’s being touted as “the best job on earth”, condom-maker Durex wants to recruit Indian men above the age of 18 to test its “product performance”.

Besides the obvious perks, there would be the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing the country and larger Asian identity a large service. For, however much sexologist may insist that size does not matter, the fact remains that Asians are less endowed than most other races. Even a 2006 ICMR study mapping Indian penis size said the international condom sizes available in India are oversized for smaller Indian men, causing slippages and breakages — of the condoms.

World Health Organisation experts say there are variations in penis size across ethnic groups. Men of African descent are wider and longer, Caucasians are medium, while Asians are narrower and shorter.

So if you are not embarrassed reporting to work in a piece of latex, here’s a chance to prove them wrong. The selected 1,000 applicants will get a condom hamper — no texture or flavour specified — with which they can get to work right away. Once they have exhausted themselves testing the products, all they need to do is send the feedback and have a chance of winning iPods and gift vouchers, besides the “Grand Prize” of Rs 25,000.

“Durex wants to ensure that its condoms are best meeting the needs of Indians and what better way to know this than to ask Indians first hand. Our expectations with Indians are high,” said R. Srinivasan, VP, TTK-LIG Ltd, which markets Durex condoms in India. Similar surveys have got enthusiastic response in France, Germany and Malaysia.

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