Friday, February 22, 2008

7 lies men tell women

Men are more prone than women to lie so as to project a better self-image or hide something. But when you catch yourself telling too many lies, or detect your man telling one too have the beginning of a problem.

It can wreak a relationship. The central issue is : why are the lies deemed necessary?

Most common lies :

1. “Me? I graduated top of my class.”This is an ‘ego-based lie’, designed to project a glorified self image and impress a woman.

2. “Of course I like your friends!”
The lies to hold captive a woman’s amour account for many stretched truths.

3. “Honey, you’re the best.”
One of the most lied-about subjects has to be sex.

4. “No, I can’t call you. I don’t even know where I’ll be.”

Red flag. Beware!

5. “That dress isn’t too tight. It looks great!”

Considered a good lie - he still cares enough to lie.

6. “They’re downsizing at work. But don’t worry. They won’t get me.”

The men lie to spare the female folk worry.

7. “Sure, I’ll mow the lawn — as soon as this crick in my back goes away.”

A “hassle-prevention ” lie.

David Nyberg :” Still, it’s important to remember that lies are at heart deceptions, and repeated deceptions destroy intimacy.”

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