Friday, February 29, 2008

sex practices around the world

Do you ask yourself how long foreplay lasts in Japan? And why the rear is the most desired part of the body in Brazil?What would you see if you looked through the bedroom window in some countries?
The Japanese – born to have sex
The Japanese aren’t known only for their photo-cameras, but also for their penchant for sex. A Japanese citizen has sex with approx. 12.7 people in his/her life. They give their body and soul to foreplay, which lasts approx. 19.5 minutes. 33% Japanese have at least one sexual toy hidden under their beds, 49% watch porn movies with their partner.
If you’ve been to Japan, you’ve probably noticed how shyly they look, but looks can be deceiving. You’d be surprised, if you knew how easily Japanese women talk about sex. Even female magazines advertise the increase in female libido. The female magazine with most revenue in the Japanese market always has a sexual toy as a gift and comics for adults. All evening papers have a column with an erotic story, which is very well read. The most common character in such stories is a weak widow, getting help from workers, neighbors, etc.

China – sexual revolution
You though the Japanese are stallions?! Believe me, they are nothing compared to the Chinese. They are bored with everyday routine, so they usually have sex with approx. 19.3 people in their lives. To not let passion cool too quickly, they give their best Chinese precision to foreplay, which usually lasts 20.1 minutes. Because they’re very confident and know what they’re good at, only 10% of them use sexual toys. But they do like to watch erotic movies. 24% admitted to watching porn several times a week.
The sexual revolution has finally reached Beijing. The Chinese have sex all over, but only a few have heard of condoms. Many of them, especially prostitutes, live in an illusion. The Chinese “women of the night” offer their customers disinfecting tissues instead of condoms.

Brazil – land of love
Even though Brazil is a very religious country, there’s at least one cross in every room, 21% of people, beside going to the church, also visit shops with piquant accessories. They use them to liven up the 19.6 minutes long foreplay. In their diverse and rhythmical life they have sex with 15.2 people. Besides visiting festivals they also follow the antics on movie screens. 50% absolutely adore thrillers filled with eroticism and porn movies.
Dear ladies, if you wish to win a Brazilian’s heart, quit your diet immediately. These hot-blooded men adore a nice, round and full rear end. Virginity until marriage is very appreciated in this country, so the Brazilians satisfy themselves orally and anally. No wonder, then, that the bottom is the most esteemed part of the body…

South African republic – I Tarzan, you Jane

The South-Africans would be constantly in court for sexual harassment. What is totally acceptable in their country is somewhere else illegal. Open wishes and asking for sex, even ordering, are part of the every day life in South Africa. If you visit, they will ask you and force you to have sex in a very aggressive manner. The statistics show that every third woman in this country is the victim of rape. Another horrendous fact is, that most people don’t use protection, which shows in a high rate of HIV infection.
  1. average number of sexual partners – 11.9
  2. length of foreplay – 19.9 minutes
  3. % of population that uses sexual toys – 37
  4. % of population that regularly watches porn movies – 60
USA – no sex, we’re Americans
Land of the free and home of the brave is turning into a land of puritans. Sexual liberation is slowly regressing, which most pleases President George Bush. He gave 700 thousand dollars to the organization Silver Ring Thing for their anti-sex-before-marriage campaign. In this manner they’re trying to present the advantage of virginity and monogamy to the American youth. Maybe that’s not a smart move, Georgie boy, ‘cause the data shows that the ones who wait until wedlock to have sex, live in even more debauchery and danger than ‘the sinners’. They don’t practice ‘normal’ sex, but you’ve forgotten oral and anal sex, which can also be dangerous.
Anyway, the Americans entertain 10.3 partners in the beds, their foreplays last 19.7 minutes, 46% hide a sexual toy in their drawer and 56% regularly watch porn movies.

Iceland – Bangkok of the North

The women of Island fare very well, since there are more men than women up there. According to their statistics, the puberty in this cold country begins very early. The average age in which teenagers start loosing their virginity is 15 years (the world average is 17.7).
If you ever travel to this country, you have to visit the national museum in their capital city. There you’ll be able to see a nice collection of dried penises and penises in formaldehyde. Glance along the walls, where you’ll see trophies of the biggest penises in the world (animal, of course).

Some statistics:
  1. average number of sexual partners – 12.4
  2. length of foreplay – 19.8 minutes
  3. % of population that uses sexual toys – 56
  4. % of population that regularly watches porn movies – 55
France – Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?!
  1. average number of sexual partners – 8.1
  2. length of foreplay – 19.2 minutes
  3. % of population that uses sexual toys – 22
  4. % of population that regularly watches porn movies – 22
Ah, France. The country of great lovers… The French are known for their easy life – sex one, too. First un caffé, and then en peu d’amour. In France all women are beautiful and every place is good to have sex. Swinger life and nudism are very well spread.
So, where are you going on vacation this summer?


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the "me tarzan you jane' was so racist as if Africans talk like cave ppl ..sad

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Thanx dear for this well researched informative piece.Next time let us know something about sexual practices in Indian subcontinents as well.

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