Thursday, February 14, 2008

Indians second-most romantic lot in Asia: survey

If celebrating Valentine's Day is any measure of being romantic, Indians are Asia's second-most romantic lot with 68.5 per cent of them showing affection for their partners on this day, a survey has found.
But India is the only place in the region where more women want their men to foot the bill for the day as against a parity in spending between the sexes elsewhere.

Indians are second only to Filipinos in celebrating the Day, according to the survey conducted by GE Money across Asia.

However, in terms of spending for the Valentine's Day, Singaporean, Chinese and Koreans came on the top, while Thais would spend the least.

The survey results revealed parity in spending between the sexes for Valentine's Day across Asia, except in India. In India, 21 per cent of females said that their men should spend between 500-5,000 dollars on this day, a view shared by only 7 per cent of men, GE Money said.

Fifty per cent of the Indian respondents said they would spend same as 2007, while 38 per cent indicated a likeliness to spend more this season.

Overall, Japanese men emerged as the least romantic with only 16 per cent indicating they would celebrate the day.

The survey also found that Asian women would spend more than the men.

For funding the day's spending, Indian and Thais said they would use a mix of cash and credit cards, while over 60 per cent of Filipinos and Japanese would use cash and close to 92 per cent Koreans expressed their likeness for credit cards.

According to the survey, Indians were not as organised as their Asian peers who complete their Valentine's shopping one week before, with 76 per cent of Indians saying they shopped just a day before.

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