Monday, February 11, 2008

10 Healthy Things Commonly Mistaken as Unhealthy

Here are 10 things that are commonly mistaken to be unhealthy for us that are in reality very beneficial.

1. Marijuana

Marijuana, one of the most wide spread illegal drug in America actually has some medical purposes. It can be used to help prevent memory loss. There are a few ingredients inside the drug that prevent the proteins in our brains to get stuck together. It can also be used to ease pain of the suffering. If used in large amounts it can be very dangerous in both the short term and long term.

2. Beer

Believe it or not beer can actually be beneficial to you if you drink it in moderation. In recent studies it has been proven that moderate beer drinking will actually improve your cardiovascular functions. If you consume too much obviously you will get drunk, but there are many other downsides to over usage such as depression.

3. LSD

LSD ties in perfectly with over users of beer. It has shown that small, very small, doses of LSD can be used to avoid the low stages of alcoholism and prevent the relapses. Very old studies, however they have been yet to be proved inaccurate.

4. Sex

This article is a great description of many benefits of having sex. To name a few it reduces stress, fights depression, improves fitness level, and decreases signs of aging. Once again if you are interested in these and the many more healthy benefits and what make it healthy read that. I don't really believe there are any down sides to it.

5. Anger

Anger is usually thought of as a bad thing, something you don't want to be. Recent studies have shown that times of great anger every once in a while are beneficial to your health and are more effective as a coping mechanism than being irritated or disgusted. The affects of over usage are high blood pressure, lung damage, sleeping disorders, and depression.

6. Maggots

Maggots can help us when we get seriously injured. When placed on a very serious wound they will do as maggots do. Maggots will eat the bacteria and dead tissue surrounding the wounds which can help prevent infection. This may not be the smartest idea as everyone knows maggots aren't exactly clean themselves.

7. Sunlight

Sunlight is a much needed element to human survival. The sun not only provides the light for plants to grow, it also keeps us awake. The lack of sunlight can cause a sort of depression that is experienced during the long winters. Too much sun however can give us cancer.

8. Coffee

A very common drink in the workplace but how can this giant boosts of morning caffeine helps your body? Surely it is taking away from it right? A few studies have shown that coffee, containing a large amount of antioxidants, can help lower our risk of getting diabetes. The beans that are used to make the coffee are shown to be helpful in easing the pain of cirrhosis of the liver.

9. Chocolate

This like coffee has many antioxidants in them which help prevent cancers and lower the risk of getting diabetes. Still just a theory but it may also improve blood flow to the brain. There, of course, is a limit, to much of it over a long term may help cause you to gain weight.

10. Red Wine

The worlds healthiest populations of the present and past have drank red wine. It is very helpful in preventing cancer and provides many benefits for your arteries. This drink also includes the antioxidants found in coffee and chocolate which help prevent diabetes.

Remember the key to successfully using any of these for medical benefit is to use them in moderation. If there is an error in any of these please comment me with a source to your information and explain it to me.

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