Monday, March 10, 2008

Websites To Make You Faster, Better, Stronger…

here is a quick list of my top ten most frequented websites.

These websites will help you increase your productivity, save time, and just make you smarter overall.

They are in no particular order, so don’t let placement have any affect on your trial.

  1. RescueTimeThis website provides you with a lightweight app that records and graphs how you spend your time on your computer. Taking small “quicky” breaks can often turn into a 20 minute excursion to read an article on SlashDot or check out the latest on Digg. RescueTime will allow you to see exactly how you spent your time and will even send a weekly report to your email.
  2. Skype – Skype isn’t really a website, but I decided to include it anyway. Instead of using a landline of cellular phone to reach people you talk with often, use Skype. For a small fee, you can call anyone in the world from your computer.
  3. DumbLittleMan – A great source of 15-20 weekly articles with emphasis on how to get the most from your life. Examples include 20 Things I’m Glad Life Taught Me and 9 Ways to Have A Better Day Than Yesterday.
  4. Zen Habits – ZenHabits is about “achieving goals … and successfully implementing good habits.” Some examples of the type of content you’ll find there is: 12 Pratical Steps for Going With the Flow and Top 20 Motivation Hacks.
  5. LifeHacker – A very frequently updated blog with tips on increasing your productivity. A few examples: Improve Your Vision at the Computer and How to Avoid Impulse Shopping.
  6. Google Reader If you do not yet use a feed reader, start. Instead of individually visiting all your normal blogs, just subscribe to their feeds. This’ll put all the articles you like into one neat little location for quick and easy reading.
  7. StevePavlina – One of the forerunning personal development blogs on the internet today. Steve talks about ways to master your time management, nurture motivation to reach your goals, and how to develop balance within your life. Steve has written articles like 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job and 30 days to Success.
  8. HowStuffWorks – HowStuffWorks houses tons and tons of articles about how pretty much anything you can imagine works. Ever wonder how exactly an automatic transmission works? How about how exactly a digital camera works? If so, this site is for you.
  9. 43folders – 43folders provides many methods to “improve efficiency and get things off your mind” as well as “ideas about modest ways to improve your life and reduce stress.”
  10. LifeHack – A life hack is “any hacks, tips and tricks that get things done quickly by automating, increase productivity and organizing.” Some of my favorite articles are 10 Tricks to Get Your Writing Started and 5 Ways to Deal With Irresponsible People.

Well, there you have it. Try visiting a few of these websites daily or a few times a week and let me know if you’ve learned anything!


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