Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Strange ways to meet new people in a new city

How many people are there?? What are they wearing ?? Who amongst them could be of interest?? What do you think they do for living ?? Are you sure that you know or are you basing your assumptions on stereotypes and cliches ??

How many new people have YOU talked to last year ??

For those that love algorithms: Here is the three step process.

a) Take the decision to do whatever is necessary to meet new people, so help me god.
b) Choose a strategy with no fear or passion.
c) FOLLOW that strategy until termination or failure.

Simple steps to social happiness - that will make your telephone ring so often that you will have to turn it off.

1) Take a theater class or a seminar. Any comedy, improvisation or theater class is a surefire way to meet cool people while having fun.

2) Find a health club or a gym. Most of the people that hung out at the gym, they are not there only to work out but also to meet other people. Great ice breaker: “Do you need the 45kg dumbbell or can I use it?”.

3) Find a dancing course. Learn how to dance salsa while socializing. The same people that hung around at salsa courses are looking for dancing buddies to go out on Fridays and Saturdays.

4) Take a yoga or a Tai Chi course. Then take your yoga friend and have a good cup of tea while levitating which will bring even more curious bystanders to your group.

5) Start a sport. There is nothing better than having a beer with your sparring mates at the local pub after training. Well actually there is…. with a nice person of the opposite sex and some lotion but that is another story….

6) Find a business association and have some talks and laughs with them.

7) Meet people from your working environment. Hey Jim why don’t we go out for a beer on Friday night??

8) Go to social events. Even if you don’t feel like it. Get your self OUT THERE. You’ll never know WHO you are going to meet. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep having what you’ve been having. Now read that again but this time backwards while singing the national anthem. Cool, no??

9) Organise social events, organise a party. If you decide to do it, make sure it is not too late, avoid working days and make sure to write on the Flyer that you want NO presents, so people will not shy out because they haven’t bought you one. Just avoid the music of ‘Dr Dre’ because it will scare the visitors away. Don’t believe everything you see on MTV.

10) Meet people through Internet if this is your thing. I don’t like this one. It does work … to an extent. I am sure you will find many sites that will teach you how. Just don’t tell them we sent you there.

Great love story on that: “Innocent19 meets HornyLube54″. Some more insight on that later…

11) Learn how to cultivate a huge social circle. Then meet more people through that circle. Have you heard of the expression that ‘money brings more money’? Well it works with people. ‘People will meet you to more people’.


12) Learn what it takes to be liked.

13) Get a dog and take him for a walk every day. Dogs are not man’s best friend, that’s a fallacy - they are man’s best ice breaker. You can train them to bring people at your plate: “Lassie, Lassie leave the mister alone. Give him his leg back - good girl, GOOD girl”.

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Aaron Agassi said...

This is all common advice, and it simply does not work.