Saturday, November 3, 2007

12 things to do if you have a ringworm

It is hard time when you have a ringworm to deal with. People are doing all sort of things and taking every medicine available to get rid of it. Many a times the ringworm keeps coming back after treatment. For some of you the ringworm will be treated with in one or two days and for others it may continue for some time longer.

Any ways here is a list of things that you should do if you get a ringworm....

1) Take the ringworm treatment as early as possible.
2) Avoid scratching the affected area.
3) If the ringworm is itching then gently rub the area with a clean cloth.
4) Always keep the affected area clean and dry.
5) Wash it regularly.
6) After touching the area, wash your hands before doing other work.
7) Do not share clothes, towels etc. with others because they may get the infection.
8) Apply the ringworm treatment till it completely disappears.
9) Avoid sugar, coffee, tea, white flour products, tinned foods, high flavoured dishes
10) Do a body cleansing program.
11) Take alot of raw vegetables and fruits.
12) If the ringworm is increasing in size then see a doctor immediately. Do not delay.

Hopefully you will see improvements and the ringworm will be cured.

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Mauibob said...

The very best thing you can do to treat ringworm is to put Tea Tree Oil on the affected area. It will kill the ring worm completely in just a few days, Guaranteed.