Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It’s official now, most women prefer chocolate to sex

New research reveals that 53 per cent of the adult UK female population, around 12 million women would rather have a nibble than nookie. A staggering 89 per cent confessed to experiencing physical cravings for chocolate and one in five admitted they couldn’t go a day without chocolate. The poll of 2,500 women was conducted by Red Letter Days, to coincide with the launch of two chocolate-themed experience days.

Over 40 per cent of females said they get ‘cranky’ if deprived of their choccy fix and 37 per cent consider it an ‘integral part’ of their day. Men, on the other hand, would always plump for sex over chocolate (78 per cent). And despite both sexes consuming the same average amount of chocolate a week - the equivalent to six small bars - men are less likely to admit their addiction.

Only a third of guys declared they were chocoholics, compared to 51 per cent of girls. Yet girls are twice as likely than men to rely on the sweet stuff when they’re feeling down-in-the-mouth. One in five females reach out for their favourite bar when they’re feeling depressed or lonely.

Whilst guys are most likely to munch on chocolate when they’re hungry or need of an energy boost. A third of men and women do agree on one thing - their idea of bliss is settling down to watch their favourite TV programme with a slab of chocolate.

But the tasty treat is not just confined to life downstairs - over half (56 per cent) of Brits like to nibble on choc in bed. And when it comes to the type of bar Brits prefer, over half of men and women hanker for milk chocolate over dark, white or flavoured varieties.

Zak Soreff of Red Letter Days said: ‘’This survey just goes to show how choc-obsessed we are as a nation. ‘For over half of women to prefer chocolate over sex, it proves how satisfying the treat really is.’’

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