Wednesday, October 10, 2007

7 quick tips to make your wife happy

7 quick tips to make your wife happy:

  1. Do The Dishes

    Some might call me sexist for this one, since it seems to be making the assumption that it's the wife's job to do the dishes. I don't necessarily think that, but it IS normally my wife who does the dishes (or my son if he's in trouble), and she really appreciates when I do the dishes. Make sure you get them clean, though, or it can be worse than not doing them!

  2. Plan A Whole Night For Her

    There are a few women who would not appreciate this at all... but if you're married to one of those, I'm quite certain that you know it, and you can skip this one.

    Plan a whole night for her... including making sure the kids are taken care of (find a babysitter that she trusts). Plan dinner, and any events, and how the night will end... personally I like being at the beach for sunset, or a little later with the stars out.

    Oh, and a word of advice... stick to the plan unless something considerably better comes up, you'll likely be happier over all.

  3. Take Her Surprise Shopping

    I've heard there are women out there who don't like shopping, but I've never actually met one. This one is fun, as you get to see her get all excited like a kid. How much you can afford is up to you, as is where you take her, though it's pretty hard to go wrong with shoes.

  4. Write Her A Letter

    This one is cheap, and if you are the writing type, easy. If you're not the writing type it can be hard, but it may be appreciated that much more, if she knows that you went to extra effort to write it.

    A note on this one... I'm NOT talking about email or a text message. I'm talking about an honest to goodness old fashioned pen and paper sent through the post office letter. Many women, and men for that matter (though men are less likely to admit it), are sentimental enough that they will keep a letter that you write to them for the rest of their lives.

  5. Take Care Of Everything For One Night

    Take care of everything around the home for one night... this can be to allow her to go out with her girlfriends, or just to allow her to relax and unwind at home. And I do mean take care of everything... dinner, the kids, cleaning, making the bed, whatever else you can think of... do it!

    Unless she has "her own way" of doing it, where you can't do it right... my wife doesn't like me to fold laundry.

  6. Celebrate An Unusual Date

    This one is fun, too. Pick a date that means something (and that you remember, of course), but isn't a "normal" date to celebrate. That means a date OTHER than your anniversary, your birthdays, or any other holiday. It could be, but isn't limited to, any of the following:

    • The day you met
    • The day you proposed
    • The day she conceived
    • The day you moved in together
    • The day you got your wedding rings

    Or you can choose another date of significance to the two of you... like September 15th for me and my wife.

  7. Do That Thing You've Been Promising To Do

    We pretty much all have something we've been saying we would get to but haven't yet actually done. Do it... and let her know. Don't brag about it, just tell her "Honey, I finally did -------" (you fill in the blanks). This one isn't as much of a direct happy inducer as the others, but it takes something off the overhead of stuff that she associates with you. That makes it easier for her to be happy, and especially it makes it easier for her to think good things about you.

So... there you go, seven quick tips (quick to write, not to do) to make your wife happy. Don't do them all at once, she won't appreciate it as much. Don't even do them all one day after another... pick one and do it once every two weeks or even once a month. Number six, of course, can't be done just any day, and most of them shouldn't be done twice in a row (ie don't send her a letter, then two weeks later send another one... instead send her a letter, and then two weeks later take care of everything for one night, or something like that).

What are you waiting for? Go make your wife happy!

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