Tuesday, December 4, 2007

10 Things You Should Never Mention In Your Online Profile

Creating an online dating profile can be challenging, particularly if you’ve never done it before. There are some definitely things you do and do not want to do when you create your profile in order to have the best success with your endeavour.

Here are the things you should definitely leave out.

1. Past Relationship Experiences

While it’s okay to mention what you’ve learned from past relationships, don’t ever go on and on about the way your ex treated you or anything of that resemblance. The more positive you are in your profile, the more positive people will think you are in real life - and everyone wants to date someone positive, right?

2.’Players Stay Away’

Nothing turns potential suitors off more than direct instructions of who should and who should not contact you. While you may think you are just stating what you don’t want, it comes across as slightly ignorant. Rather, state what you are looking for.

For example, using the player topic, if you aren’t at all interested in dating casually, and especially not having casual sex, state that you are at the point in your life where you’re ready to make a good commitment if the right person comes along. This then let’s others know what type of relationship you’re there for.

3. Previous Mental Health Issues

While it’s definitely not good to lie to a potential partner about your health, if you’ve suffered from any type of clinical health issues, it’s best to leave that off your profile. That is something that you should discuss, in person, if you meet. Otherwise, it’s just going to send a bad vibe.

4 .A List Of Requirements

While it’s great to have high standards in what you are looking for, don’t list them out like a drill sergeant. State what you are looking for and why those qualities are important to you. Just don’t make it come across as if someone does match everything you want to an exact ‘T’, they shouldn’t contact you. Do that and you’ll likely find a very empty inbox.

5.That You’re Embarrassed To Be There

So many people list in their profile that they aren’t the typical ‘freak’ who uses online dating. But why does using online dating automatically make them a freak? This is just going to give others the impression that you think you’re ‘too good’, and they will be hesitant to contact you.

If someone is viewing you, they are using online dating as well, so there is no reason to be embarrassed.

6.That You Don’t Know What To Say

Great. State the obvious. Writing profiles is hard but it’s a must if you hope to online date. Lack of words will translate to lack of dates. No need to broadcast it. If you are having trouble, simply say a few words about yourself, your interests, and what you are looking for, or consult a professional to get help with writing your profile.

7.Your Annoying Habits

Like the mental health issue, if you have random, odd habits, it’s best to leave those out of the profile. Just because you think it might be annoying, another person may not. Of course, if it is something you know may be a red flag for most people, then you will likely want to list it, but in this case, that type of personality trait will likely put you in a position where you are definitely only searching for a specific type of person.

It’s better to emphasize your positive traits and what you will bring to a relationship.

8.Too Much ‘Blogging’

While it’s great to expand upon your interests, avoid writing your entire life story in your profile. You do want to leave some to the imagination, right? Additionally, if you put everything about yourself on the table to start, there won’t be much to discuss in those first few messages.

9.That You Haven’t Had Much Success With The Site So Far

Stating that you haven’t had much success so far is likely not your best approach. Why broadcast that no one seems to want to date you? Don’t give members of the opposite sex a reason to think there is something wrong with you. Lack of luck is probably more a result of you not writing an appropriate profile (see the rest of this article), or you not sticking with it long enough. Online dating is largely a numbers game and for most, it doesn’t happen over night.

10.Too Much Past Info

While it’s great to list the basics, don’t talk too much about your past. Others reading your profile are concerned with the present and future because that is the time they will be a part of.

So keep all of these tips in mind next time you are preparing an online dating profile. As long as you put some time and effort into it, you can come out with a profile that will garner a good amount of attention from potential dates.



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